Eliminate Lead


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People First Plan to Eliminate Lead Exposure

Where a child grows up should never dictate where that child ends up.

During his time as Mayor of San Antonio and then as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this has been one of Secretary Castro’s animating values and lies at the core of much of his work in public service.

It’s a simple promise. A child’s potential should never be limited by where they were born or where they grew up.

This is why the lead crises we have witnessed in communities like Flint, Michigan have been particularly shocking to our national conscience. Lead poisoning is linked to irreversible health problems and developmental challenges that follow a child into adulthood. That means a child’s future potential is being limited before they turn six years old, by the water they drink, the soil they play in, and the dust in the air they breathe.

The plan below aims to eliminate lead poisoning as a major public health threat. It involves executive and congressional action, working with state and local authorities, and collaborating with private entities.

In short, everyone counts. Every child in every neighborhood should have the gift of their full abilities. Let’s make it happen.


Significantly Increase Resources to Identify and Remediate Lead Hazards


Ensure We Are Able to Respond to Any Future Lead Emergency


Strengthen Lead Poison Prevention Efforts and Provide Increased Resources for Families Already Impacted by Lead Poisoning