Democracy &

Voting Rights

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Democracy and Voting Rights

I believe in an America where everyone counts. That means fighting for a democracy that represents the will of the people. Not super PACs, not big corporations, not corrupt politicians, but everyday Americans.

When I’m president, we will return power to the people.

Supporting voter rights:

  • Abolish the Electoral College, affirming the equal value of each person’s vote
  • Support self-determination for the people of Puerto Rico
  • Enact statehood for Washington D.C.
  • Lower the voting age to 17
  • Combat gerrymandering with independent redistricting commissions
  • Restore voting rights to people who have served their time
  • Expand automatic voter registration, early and absentee voting, and satellite voting stations
  • Make Election Day a federal holiday
  • Reverse voter ID laws
  • Strengthen the Voting Rights Act, including restoring pre-clearance requirement

Combatting money in politics:

  • Repeal Citizens United with a constitutional amendment
  • Advocate for federally-funded elections with small dollar donation matching

Supporting transparency:

  • Expand the Freedom of Information Act to include your representatives in Congress and expedite the time it takes to provide the needed information

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